Until recently referred to as “That F*cking Book,” my book now has an official working title of “Eulogies:  A Memoir.” I have been duking it out with this book for years, but I finally found my way into the story by using a combination of writing styles; personal essays, memoir, narrative and creative non-fiction.

The book is about loss and change, or as I like to call them, “those highly over-rated learning experiences.” The eulogies of the title, about people and places, will bookend sections that tell the story of how my life changed after a diagnosis of a degenerative chronic illness. I am also weaving in the story of my neighborhood and the people in it over the same period. Because of the economic debacle of 2008, many people in my neighborhood were facing some of the same financial struggles as I was, but with opportunities to rebuild that were not available to me. This gave me insight into the lives of those who never had the privileges I enjoyed in the first place, a deepening understanding of how fear can cause us to distance ourselves from the suffering of others, and our tendency to punish the poor and marginalized for circumstances beyond their control.

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