What Can We Do?

Can we sue our government for dereliction of duty?

I’m not being flippant here; this is a serious question.

Our government officials are called public servants for a reason. We elect them, and pay their salaries, to serve in our best interests. Not the best interests of corporations and the lobbyists who do their bidding, not the best interests of the banking, pharmaceutical, insurance, and gun industries.

And, perhaps most importantly, can we sue them for intentionally and systematically taking away our ability to have a voice through the ballot box, the place we should be able to go to seek redress when our government officials are working for the interests of their donors rather than their constituents? Because that is exactly what they are doing, through gerrymandering, and by enacting laws and regulations making it more difficult for us to carry out our right to vote, and by not addressing the fact – “fact” as in an actual verifiable thing, because facts do exist – that a foreign power interfered in our last presidential election and continues to interfere in our electoral system, while our elected officials are doing absolutely nothing about it.

This isn’t right.

So, can we do this? Can we sue our government? Is it possible? And if not, what else can be done, what else can we do? Because what is happening right now in this country is not acceptable. It is not right. And we need to do something about it before we live in a country where nothing can be done about it. Ever.

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